Dear Filmmakers,

We invite you to submit your films to Grand OFF - World Off Film Awards. Each year, in November, world independent films receive nominations in 9 categories: directing, scriptwriting, editing, cinematography, best actor, best actress, fiction, documentary and animation.

After a meticulous process of nomination, the members of the Grand Off Awards jury chapter, namely the representatives of film circles from 26 countries, select best pictures. The nominated films are screened in Warsaw , Poland , during the Grand Off Festival. During the Awards Ceremony, the authors of the awarded films receive the honourable Grand Off statuettes and diplomas.

A week later, the awarded films screenings are held in 25 cities in Poland and that is also when their fierce promotion starts.

The year 2009 will also mark the introduction of an entirely new award category, namely the Lifetime Contribution Prize. The awarded filmmaker will become an honourable guest of the festival, charting the artistic trends for the generations of independent filmmakers to come!

The initiative has already established its prestigious position in Europe and globally. Please join us in Warsaw on the 21st of November during the 3rd Grand OFF Ė World Off Film Awards Ceremony! 

To become one of the invited filmmakers, you just have to submit your film!

Online submission form, as well as Grand OFF regulations are available on our website

Deadline for submission is the 15th of August 2009.

Donít miss your chance! 

For further details please contact,

Katarzyna Łuczak

Grand Off Managing Director                                                                                     ,