On behalf of Morecambe Bay Movie Makers, www.morecambebaymoviemakers.org.uk
I would like to invite you to help celebrate our 40th Anniversary. As part of our celebrations we are inaugurating the Morecambe Bay International Video Competition, www.morecambebayinternationalvideocompetition.org.uk, which is taking over from one of the UK's best and most prestigious amateur film festivals, The Cotswolds Amateur Film Festival. For many reasons, this event ceased last year but its founder, organiser and driving force has agreed to work with us to make "The Erics", as we call it for short, the top amateur video festival in the UK.

Morecambe Bay is the second largest bay in England and to the north it is overlooked by England's most beautiful part, The Lake District. To the south is the Arnside/Silverdale area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the traditional British seaside resort of Morecambe and the historical town of Lancaster that has given its name to many cities and counties around the world.

Why call it "The Erics"? This is because the UK's funniest and best-loved duos in the last twenty years were called Morecambe and Wise. Eric Bartholomew was brought up in the town of Morecambe and for his stage name he took the name Morecambe. This is now commemorated with one of England's' most famous statues, that of Eric Morecambe on the seafront promenade of his home town and which was unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen. Unique, specially cast copies of the statue as presented to Her Majesty the Queen, signed by the sculptor Graham Ibbeson, are being offered as prizes in the top categories, in addition to the other awards.

We would also like to link up with video clubs in other towns and cities around the world called Lancaster or Morecambe to exchange showreels.