The 8th International Festival of Non-professional Film Makers



The 8th International Festival of Non-professional Film Makers Tallinn`2010 will be held in Tallinn. The festival will be organized by the Estonian Film Amateurs Union.

All film amateurs and  filmstudents  will be invited to participate in the festival. The number and length of films by one author (club) is not limited.

The lenght of the film can be up to 25 minutes.

As the working languages of the festival are Estonian, English and German.

We ask you, if possible, to present the text of the film either with subtitles or as a paper copy in English or German.

Each participant will submit the application forms  and films for participation at the festival by 8.09.2010 on the address: Estonia, Tallinn, 10507, Narva mnt. 1, Tallinna postkontor, Box 3567, Estonian Film Amateurs Union.
Tel. +372 6484974, e-mail: jaak.jarvine@mail.ee ; efl.planet.ee; www.hot.ee/eafl.

The films will be judged in 3 groups:
  A-group – the films of young film makers (till 20 years old)
  B-group -  the films of filmstudents
C-group – all others amateur film makers

Each film should be recorded on a separate video cassette on which the name of the film, its duration, the author`s name and the represented country should be indicated.

Admissible format: DVD, MiniDV.

The Jury composes a programme of the presented films according to its pre-selection.
The participants will be notified of the Jury`s decision by 10.10.2010.

The programme will be shown on 16.10.2010 in the Cinema „Artis“ in Tallinn
(Estonia str. 9). The opening of the festival will take place at 11 a.m., the prize-giving ceremony - at 6 p.m. There may be changes in the times of which the participants will be informed. 

The films will be awarded separately in A, B and C-groups with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes and diplomas.

Estonian Film Amateurs Union guarantees to return the films within two months after the official closing of the festival.  

All deliveries should be marked “no commercial value – for cultural purposes only”.                                                   
The hotel rooms will be chosen, reserved and paid by the participants themselves.

Estonian Film Amateurs Union