"West-Östliches FilmFestival"


„WÖFF“ is an international Short Film Festival which leads attention to west and east European contributions. Further it is a platform to help socializing with independent filmmakers and promoting the understanding between eastern and western cultures.

Organizer and Partner:
       J      ars cinema berlin e. V.,
J      The foundation for encounter between East and West
J      Cinema “TONI” and “TONINO”

Timeframe: 30.04. - 02.05.2010

Place: Cinema“TONI”, Antonplatz, 13086 Berlin

Prize Giving Ceremony (02.05.2010)
Place: ABACUS Tierpark Hotel , Franz-Mett-Str. 3-9, 10319 Berlin

Conditions of Participation:
Admitted to participation are exclusively non-commercial[1] short films no longer than 20 minutes.
Film media: miniDV and DVD
Please inform us about the format specifications (4:3; 16:9; etc). Festival language is German.

Entry Deadline: 31.01.2010
International mailings have to be labeled as followed:
"temporary import - for cultural purpose only, no commercial value"

Mailings from non-EU-countries have to enclosed a pro forma invoice with a declaration of worth of max. 10€/$.
Incurred costs because of false declaration will be put on senders account!!!!

Film as a medium is outstandingly suitable to bring people of every age and different social and national origins together. Corporate discussions promote abilities which are important for every society: creativity count as well as cooperation, concentration and endurance.
Again, with our festival from 30.04. - 02.05.2010 we want to delight our audience with extraordinary and interesting contributions from all over Europe.
During the three days of encounter we focus with our discussions on eastern and western political turns until today. Which conditions led to the existence of the films shot „here and there“ and which new possibilities open up today?
On the occasion of the start of the festival a cultural highlight can be expected.

Rainer Hässelbarth
Leader of the festival

Website: http://www.kurzfilm.de/festival/index_b.php?ueber=718